Scaling of STL-File

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Scaling of STL-File

Post by reparator »

Good afternoon together!

I´m faced with a problem of scaling a STL imported file in freecad:
I imported an STL drawing and can use it in freecad, but it is 1000 times to small in comparison to the basic primitives I have created myself. So the question is if there is a way to scale the STL to the same size as my primitives have?
Example: If i import a STL of a complicated shape which has the size of 130 mm it has only a size of 0.13 mm in freecad (thats why i didn´t find it originally. It was really too small).

Any help would be appreciated


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Re: Scaling of STL-File

Post by shoogen »

It is currently not possible from the GUI but it is from python console

Code: Select all

>>> import Mesh,BuildRegularGeoms
>>> App.ActiveDocument.addObject("Mesh::Cube","Cube") # alternativly import the stl file
>>> mat=FreeCAD.Matrix()
>>> mat.scale(1000.0,1000.0,1000.0)
>>> mesh=App.ActiveDocument.Cube.Mesh.copy() #Cube is the name of the Object in the Document
>>> mesh.transform(mat) #add the result to the docuemnt
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