[SketchArch Add-on] - Automatic Building Generator

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[SketchArch Add-on] - Automatic Building Generator

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Cross-posting :
- https://community.osarch.org/discussion ... ment_17434 Welcome for any comment!

Based on the idea of HomeMaker-Topologic, created a short script on FreeCAD.
In FreeCAD :
  1. Make a single-line Sketch of a building layout, run the script (Topologic-Homemaker like)
    (On 2nd Gen i3, it needs 10s)
  2. You get the wall, slabs, roof, windows on external walls
(Just proof of concept at the moment)

Q :
  • Wondering how to identify a wall access from a corridor to automatically place a door, from a common wall which divides a room from another (thus not placing a wall by the script) ?
  • Found Face.FacingToward() method ( https://topologic.app/topologicpy_doc/t ... cingToward ), seems needs input of direction to test to return result . Any other method available which return the direction?

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Re: [SketchArch Add-on] - Automatic Building Generator

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Amazing :)
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