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Re: Material overhaul

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grandcross wrote: Sat Aug 26, 2023 8:22 pm One thing this tool will enable is shared catalogs as web service or database back ends. This will allow data to be shared in ways I don't currently envision. Material models support inheritance, so having "AluminumX" and a derived version "AluminumXFoundInTheScrapHeapOfUnknownOrigin" with the second having measured values, or values derived through experimentation on your lathe/CNC/milling machine, is possible.
Ahh, those features combined sound like a really good solution for the use case! Looking forward to using this!
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Re: Material overhaul

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One thing has come up with Materials in the GDML workbench that may apply to other workbenches or there may already be a better solution.

GDML objects are implemented as Python Features and have materials that are currently implemented as enumerate properties, where the enumerate list is the list of possible materials.

Now the issue is with a facility that introduces a list of extra materials. What I think is needed is that a Python Feature could have a enumerate property that has a document wide list, such that the document wide list could be changed and this would be reflected in all the python feature objects.
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Re: Material overhaul

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@keithsloan52 : problem with your post above :mrgreen:
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