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should we create a fep (FreeCAD-enhancement-proposals)-repo?

Poll ended at Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:07 pm

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Re: FreeCAD enhancements proposals

Post by looo »

I created an empty repo and changed setting so it's only possible to contribute via pullrequests. As far as I understood it works like this:
A person create a PR (like I did here for the template: ... als/pull/1). This person then selects people who need to review and give there ok for the PR. Once at least 3 persons have reviewd someone other than the author of the PR can press the merge button. I am not yet sure if any reviewer can do this or if it must be an admin of the repo.

The admins of the repo somehow have superrights, because I think the can merge wi

Currently, the repo includes only a license (LGPL2-1 same as FreeCAD). Hopefully this ok.
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Re: FreeCAD enhancements proposals

Post by triplus »

Sure, why not. I guess this can only take off if people will invest effort. Now i would still recommend for discussion regarding individual FEP to be conducted here, on the FreeCAD forum. And i am not all that sure, if it makes sense to introduced any "obstacles", like the need for a few people to agree first. As first we need a couple of FEPs and therefore anybody interested in making one should i guess be able to create (and maintain) one.
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