[challenge] fully parametric planetary gear system

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Re: [challenge] fully parametric planetary gear system

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onekk wrote: Mon Dec 20, 2021 11:25 amAt the end I've managed to model directly in FreeCAD, and when needed export to STL or even AMF that was slightly better.
Forget the export tool: use the mesh workbench if you want fine control and excellent results.

I learnt OpenSCAD as a first step into functional programming and it opened a world to me.
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Re: [challenge] fully parametric planetary gear system

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I made a workbench with a command that creates a parametric planetary gear system based on my previous macro. So the number of planets and their positions can be updated by just changing the settings in a featurepython object. The planetary gearset made with this command is similar to an assembly from Assembly4 just with a few modifications in order to keep all the objects, links, and expressions inside one part object. Here is a link to the workbench (note that I am building this workbench on top of the development branch of FCGear in order to create the internal gear). And here is a video showing the parametric planetary gearset in action:
phpBB [video]

I made this workbench with my own use-case in mind (I want to 3D print a planetary gearset) so it may need some tweaks to make the workbench more useful to other use-cases.
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Re: [challenge] fully parametric planetary gear system

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Good job, usually as you are not working for someone, first thing that you do are things that interest you and solve your problems.

Then maybe if someone ask in polite way snd you have time and maybe some good disposition and time, maybe you will adapt it fir other people needs.

If someone wants some taylored versions, he have some ways:

- ask politely and hope to be satisfied

- pay you to adapt your work to his needs

- ask if he could use your sources and nidufy your cide for his needs.

other ways are possible but are not very used as "working pro bono" this days is not a clever way as there are many that intend "good wills" as a one way street.

They use the work if ithers but didn't contribute they work to the community.


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