Optics WorkBench - Black_Lens

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Optics WorkBench - Black_Lens

Post by abhaymi2 »

Little experiment with Optics WorkBench, in FREECAD!

Might be a PERFECT BLACK BODY, using a tubular object as lens.

Not a single ray escaping the outer periphery of the tube!!

Shall we name it as BLACK-LENS?

Black - Lense.jpeg
Black - Lense.jpeg (57.77 KiB) Viewed 1733 times
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Re: Optics WorkBench - Black_Lens

Post by PJT »

Nice idea but this seems to me to be an effect of a particular ray angle. Also there seems to be a lack of consideration of external surface reflection (as opposed to TIR) by the optics workbench in this example. For example you show a ray off axis getting trapped in the cylinder as for an optical fibre, but rays closer to the central axis should pass straight through with minimum deviation. So I suspect the 'trapped' ray' is a special case for a narrow range of incident rays. I am happy to be proved wrong, of course.
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