[Solved] Ticket #3555 Problems with wiki tutorial Creating_a_simple_part_with_PartDesign

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[Solved] Ticket #3555 Problems with wiki tutorial Creating_a_simple_part_with_PartDesign

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Re: Ticket #3555 Problems with wiki tutorial Creating_a_simple_part_with_PartDesign

Post by NormandC »

I closed the report. I understand that tutorials for beginners need to be very detailed, but at some point, we are powerless if the beginner is not able to follow instructions.

1) the mis-match color of icon "create body".
2) mis-match wording, tutorial shows "...new object labelled "Body" appears under the document label", propram screen shows "Part".
There is no mismatch, wyman created a Part container (yellow) instead of a PartDesign Body (blue).

3) unclear instruction about section "Create sketch: ", on ready on screen icon as "Press New sketch", guess it is from upper menu bar with pull down arrow, but the icon wording is skecther not "sketch", and no prompt for "ok". Later found out it was problem between direction instruction steps and background of the command of sketch.
He mistakes the create sketch tool with the Sketcher workbench in the workbench selector.

4) By section "Using Pad and Pocket features", before "...Click on Pad...", should add hints to tell to go to [Part Design] then click icon [Pad].
Yet at the very beginning, the tutorial informs that it is about using the PartDesign workbench; the very first instruction is to switch to the PartDesign workbench, and switching to any other workbench is unnecessary.

In any case, I reworded some parts of the tutorial to try to make it clearer. But this is another proof that people need to follow the guidelines and create a forum topic first, before creating a bug report.
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