Discussion: translation of selected GUI elements

Discussions about the wiki documentation of FreeCAD and its translation.
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Discussion: translation of selected GUI elements

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There are two promising talks in the FreeCAD GitHub repository. I think they are worth shaking off the dust. please feel free to discuss.
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Re: Discussion: translation of selected GUI elements

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Looks like most FreeCAD user are English speaken :) Or don't read Wiki forum.
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Re: Discussion: translation of selected GUI elements

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What is label and attributes in the first thread? I tried in 0.19 now and the label of newly created part objects are translated but this is not the case for PD, so I think the mechanism to translate those exists but is not used everywhere.

In the second thread, it seems some of the workbench names are translatable, correct? Then it's the same thing, the mechanism exist but is not used by all workbenches.

What is needed is to identify the places were they are not being used and submit PRs replicating what is done in the translatable workbenches and features.
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