Performance: Subtractive helix & Polar Pattern

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Performance: Subtractive helix & Polar Pattern

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I'm working on knurling a cylinder. It took about 20 minutes with 24 instances to 2 subtractive helixes. The GPU was at 0% or close to it, the cpu was running at 2 % and only 17% of memory was in use. I have a reasonably powerful machine (24 cores) 128 GB mem, 3060 GPU, and lots of disk.
Please could we work on the algo to improve the speed?

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Re: Performance: Subtractive helix & Polar Pattern

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One thing I can think of is regarding parallelization. There's not much work to do, but whatever is is being done sequentially. I expect knurling to have a fair bit of intersections, which may be slowing down each of the steps.

As of now I don't know how well parallism is supported in OCCT itself, so what can be done may very well be limited by that.

Are you in the position to show us the model, or any other example where it takes a long time? It can be iaed for future benchmarks.
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