[Annoyance] Std_Transform on PartDesign objects + invisible objects

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[Annoyance] Std_Transform on PartDesign objects + invisible objects

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Currently it's possible to trigger Std_Transform on PartDesign objects with :
* Select in the TreeView then Edit->Transform
* Python Console : 'Gui.ActiveDocument.setEdit(App.ActiveDocument.OBJECT, 1)
* In the future ? User edit mode in 'Transform' mode and double-click the object in the tree

The manipulator appears in the 3D view, it's possible to move the object in preview mode, but when validating the transformation is rejected/ignored.

In your opinion, what should be correct behavior ?
* Forbid running Std_Transform on PartDesign objects ?
* Move the AttachmentOffset of the base sketch(es) accordingly ?
* Other ?

Also it's possible to run this command on invisible objects.
What is your opinion about correct behavior ?
* Make the object visible ? Temporarily ?
* Forbid/ignore Std_Transform on invisible objects ?
* Other ?
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