Serious bug in Spreadsheet

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Re: Serious bug in Spreadsheet

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ulrich1a wrote: FreeCAD does just not save the last digit of the mantissa of a number written into a cell. Adding this one digit in the input-field gives again a zero difference between a Gnumeric result copied into a FreeCAD cell and a FreeCAD calculation.
It could be that it should save more (I'll look into it). However, neither Gnumeric nor FreeCAD are able to represent the result of your computation exactly (18446744073709551616), as it has more significant digits than a double can represent.

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Re: Serious bug in Spreadsheet

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Hi, when will be this bug fix available in the Freecad Daily built?

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Re: Serious bug in Spreadsheet

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issue #2767 was closed in git commit eb32b3d8
eivindkvedalen wrote:Summuning Eivind
FYI, there was a recent issue opened issue #2879 as a followup to this ticket and thread.
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